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Installations are no stranger to us! If you need process systems to facilitate the connection to machinery and equipment or to transfer water, steam, compressed air and other media, look no further.

We provide companies from various sectors with industrial piping which we manufacture and assemble by ourselves.

Construction of industrial pipelines

Our process installations for industry are made of various materials (stainless or carbon steel) according to individual requirements of our customers. The thickness and diameter of the walls are tailored to industry-specific standards. We can manufacture entire systems or individual components. We also assemble heat and cold insulation.

Workmanship, assembly and repair

Do you work in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical or automotive or another branch of industry? In all certainty, you will be needing process piping to transfer various types of media. If your choose our services, you have a guarantee that the piping will be made and assembled not only to meet your requirements, but also applicable standards). 

What process piping exactly does a company operating in your industry need?

Construction, assembly, renovation:

  • technological pipelines (water, steam, compressed air)
  • sanitary pipelines
  • sewage pipelines
  • stainless steel technological pipelines for the food industry
  • pipelines made of copper pipes
  • medium and high-pressure gas pipelines together with assembly of reduction and measurement station
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